VCOM USB Driver For InFocus Bingo 21

Download And Install VCOM Driver for InFocus Bingo 21
If you are looking for the VCOM USB Driver, and want to install it on your computer. Then, you are the right, on this page, you will learn how to install VCOM USB Driver on your computer. In this post, you will get an official link to download the VCOM Driver.

Download VCOM Driver of your InFocus Bingo 21 for Flashing Firmware

Driver name: VCOM Driver
Driver Size: 12.25KB
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How to Install VCOM Driver in your Computer?

On this page, you will learn how to install the VCOM USB Driver manually on your PC? always helps you with every single step. First of all, you need to follow the below steps one by one. If you don't understand the above video tutorial. We have attached a few images for your reference. You can follow the below images steps.
Step 1: First, download and extract VCOM USB Driver on your Computer or Laptop desktop to install easily. See the below image:

Step 2: Now, you should open Device Manager from your PC/Laptop >>> Action >>> Add Legacy Hardware. See the below image:

Step 3: Click the “Next” under the Add legacy hardware wizard. See the below image:

Step 4: Now, Click “Install the hardware that I manually select from the below list (Advanced)” and continue installing by clicking the “Next” button. See the below image:

Step 5: The Next step is to Show all devices, click the Next button, and select files from your computer. See the below image:

Step 6: Then, select the “usb2ser_Win7” setup for the 32-bit operating system or select the “usb2ser_Win764” setup for the 64-bit operating system. See the below image:

Step 7: Now, click the “Next” to start installing your new hardware on your computer. See the below image:

Step 8: After that, Click “Install this driver software anyway” in the Windows security prompt window. See the below image:

Step 9: Next, click “Finish” to complete the installation. See the below image:

You are done. Now VCOM driver is successfully installed on your computer.

How to install VCOM Driver Video Tutoarial?

How to install InFocus Bingo 21 Driver manually?

here we are going to share with you solution step by step:
Step 1. First Download and then extract the driver zip file in your Computer (PC).
Step 2. You will open Device Manager and click the "Add the Legacy Hardware Menu" Option and then click the "Next" button.
Step 3. Select install the hardware, you can select manually from drop down list.
Step 4. Locate the extracted driver manually on your computer screen and then Click Add.
Step 5. Your Driver will install and listed in your device manager.
Driver Signature Error: if you are receiving any "Driver Signature Error" while installing any driver you can watch the following video to fix that issues. We are 24/7 available to assist you contact us anytime.

Driver Signature Error Video Tutoarial

Note: We always suggest you before download or install any USB driver on your computer. You must create a backup of all files and save them in a safe location.